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I’ve been a grammar stickler forever. I actually like diagramming sentences. I’ve been writing since I was in my teens. My mother has a picture that suggests I was writing stories as a first-grade student, but we’ll leave that for family albums. I was that 100% spelling test kid. I…

This article is second in a series that begins with “What perspective and POV is right for your story?” This week, third person POV.

Third Person POV

In a story told in third person narrative style, the writer uses names and pronouns to refer to every character, except in dialogue or internal direct…

A discussion about narrative style

Most writers think of point of view only in terms of “I’m writing in first person or third person.”

Actually there are two parts to point of view (POV) when writing fiction. The first, which is referred to above, is called “narrative style.”

The second is called “perspective.” This is…

Lara Zielinsky

Fiction author, editor, and teacher willing to share what I’ve learned and what I’ve taught others to improve their writing.

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