A wonder-filled journey in words

My path through writing, editing, teaching

Kermit the Frog typing on a mechanical, old-style typewriter
frame from gif, credit: tenor.com

And then I started writing

I started writing my own stories in middle school. I penned thousands of pages by hand (before computers) defying bedtime and writing until the early morning hours. I wrote short stories, poetry, and fan fiction. I tried my hand at fantasy. I shared it very rarely.

And then I wanted to be published

By 2000, there were no longer just the “Big Five” publishers. Small presses had proliferated, and micro-presses sprang up on kitchen tables. These new publishers took advantage of print-on-demand (POD) technology so they didn’t have to buy warehouse space to keep books. Because these publishers wouldn’t need to print and sell a million copies just to “break even” they could take chances on niche ideas. This democratization of publishing was powerful. It was particularly uplifting for voices long marginalized by the mainstream publishers, like LGBTQ and POC.

And now I’m a professional editor

My editing experience grew organically from my editorial journalism degree and participating in peer workshops and mutual critique groups. I also taught English for ten years in public schools.

Fiction author, editor, and teacher willing to share what I’ve learned and what I’ve taught others to improve their writing.