• Ginger Price-Perkins

    Ginger Price-Perkins

  • Leslie Ann Costello

    Leslie Ann Costello

    Psychologist, bioenergetic psychotherapist, and trainer. Watch for my forthcoming book, Somatic Tools for Perinatal Therapists.

  • Carolyn McBride

    Carolyn McBride

    I’m a self-sufficiency enthusiast driven by the desire to learn. I’m a reader, a gardener, lover of good chocolate, coffee and life in the woods.

  • Julie Ranson

    Julie Ranson

    Word Lover. Writer. Self-improver. Believer. Wife. Mother of three adults. Find me everywhere: https://linktr.ee/jjranson

  • Samuel Akanbi

    Samuel Akanbi

  • Lisa van der Wilt

    Lisa van der Wilt

  • Mike Slavin

    Mike Slavin

    Kill Crime, award-winning thriller, on Amazon. Free short story prequel to series at www.mikeslavinauthor.com (7-time award-winning author) nmws2@aol.com

  • P. Rhapsody O'Brien

    P. Rhapsody O'Brien

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